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About Us

C.A.P.T. is a local, non-profit, organization which serves as supporter and fundraiser for Abington Township Police community projects.

The C.A.P.T. Board consists of representatives from non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, hospitals, as well as students, and community volunteers.

Since 1992 C.A.P.T. has supported the youth of Abington through a variety of programs. Most notably the 24 Hour Relay Challenge has engaged up to 600 students on a weekend in May for the past 21 years. Money raised at the Relay supports other originations such as the Police Explorers program and the (CPYA) Community Partnership of Youth and Adults, a school club at both Abington Senior and Junior High Schools. Since state funding is no longer available, C.A.P.T. is the principle supporter of the DARE program taught in all elementary schools in Abington.

C.A.P.T. supports the Abington Township Youth Aid Panel with annual training and has supplied the township with a van to transport kids assigned to community service projects.

C.A.P.T. also supplies seed money for projects that address community issues and concerns through its Mini-Grant program. Additionally C.A.P.T. also supports Abington’s annual Post Prom Party. C.A.P.T. supplies scholarships to students showing leadership in community service projects, and supports the KISS (Kids in Safety Seats) program that teaches new parents the proper way to install a child safety seat.

Without a doubt the secret to C.A.P.T.’s success is the support of the many volunteers that always show up at our projects and events. C.A.P.T. could not exist without them. Thank you.


Our Mission

C.A.P.T. is dedicated to reducing crime and the fear of crime, by strengthening the Abington community through organized community events, educational and awareness programs and intergenerational activities for youth and adults.

Our Vision

C.A.P.T. is an Abington community based non-profit organization which coordinates events and resources directed toward facilitating a continuous partnership between the community and the Abington Township Police Department.

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