24 Hour Relay Challenge

relayOur relay is a drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, and violence-free celebration.

Starting in 1995 the 24 Hour Relay Challenge has become an annual tradition in Abington. It brings together people of all ages and abilities to participate in a unique, memorable, and worthwhile experience.

The relay includes as many as 60 teams. Each participant runs or walks four laps, then passes the baton to the next team member, and so on. The process continues for the entire 24 hour period. At 3 A.M. everyone learns why the word Challenge is included in the title. In the end it’s meeting this challenge that brings the runners together as a community.

The relay also serves as a fundraising project for the C.A.P.T. organization. The proceeds benefits drug and alcohol prevention programs and community activities in Abington and Rockledge.

Mini-grant Program

The mini grant program provides seed money for projects and activities consistent with the goals of C.A.P.T. These goals are to support Abington-based activities initiated both by youth and adults that take a proactive approach to solving community problems and issues. Grants up to $500 are available to individuals or groups that have a project that includes community service to enhance the quality of life of our residents.

For an application click here.


In the fall of 1996, the Community Partnership of Youth and Adults (C.P.Y.A.) was formed as a coordinating committee to enhance the participation and creativity of Abington youth.

C.P.Y.A. works to mobilize interested and responsible citizens of all ages by providing opportunities to strengthen community-wide spirit and pride.

The goals of C.P.Y.A. include fostering inter-generational respect; developing community service projects; offering safe activities for youth; communicating positive youth activities and involvement; raising individual self-esteem and building a sense of empowerment through participation in community activities and service projects.


Bike Run

CAPT has been sponsoring an annual Motorcycle Run since 2006. It is a 60 mile (police led) motorcycle run through beautiful Montgomery County. After the run, riders are treated to food and beverage at the North Penn VFW in Glenside. Proceeds benefit the Abington DARE program.

Citizen Police Academy

To the average citizen, the police profession often seems cloaked in mystery. Public perception can be misguided by the unrealistic exploits seen on TV cop shows or skewed by anti-police sentiments. Here at APD we’ve learned that the best way to help the taxpayers learn the “inside scoop” about law enforcement is by actually bringing them inside the organization for an eight week course in modern policing.

Each year the Abington Police Department offers a Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA). In the program, township residents meet on a weekly basis with Police Officer instructors for lessons on various aspects of the law enforcement profession. Subjects include criminal and traffic law, the police role in the judicial process, APD equipment, training, resources and limitations of the police department. In return, the instructors often find a newly-developed law enforcement awareness among participants, as well as an increased sensitivity to the challenges of 21st Century policing. The increased citizen-police understanding that results from this close interaction is an excellent vehicle for building bridges between the police and the community.

Not surprisingly, program alumni often volunteer to assist with future projects for APD and the community. Graduates are also encouraged to participate as block captains leading their neighborhood to crime prevention information, awareness and educational programs. For more information or to register for Citizens’ Police Academy, call Officer Gillespie at 267-536-1077.

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Since 1992, the Abington Police Department has been instructing the DARE Program throughout Abington Township. Trained police officers teach a series of lessons to sixth and seventh graders in the public, private, and parochial schools of Abington. In addition, DARE is also taught at the junior and senior high school.

DARE’s mission is to provide children with the information and skills they need to live drug and violence free lives by making good choices and decisions.  The program allows for positive relationships to be established between the police, teachers, students, parents and community members.

CAPT is a major sponsor of Abington Police Department’s DARE program.

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